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For Account management - Conservative Plan

  1. Profit and Loss sharing will be calculated from the 1st to the Last Day of every month.
  2. Profit and Loss sharing will take place on the last day of every month. Trading will start the following month only after Loss/Profit sharing is done.
  3. Loss sharing will be considered if the account is with “RightFX Broker” only. Apart from RightFX, no account will be eligible for Loss Sharing in the event of a loss.
  4. To be eligible for loss sharing account must not be under any ib or brokerage sharing program.
  5. Loss Sharing does not mean any guarantee/commitment of continued profit month by month.
  6. In the event of loss in any trading account, Loss will be deposited in the same accounts only and will not be transferred to any other account or will not be eligible for withdrawal for the next 2 months. 60 days from the date of Loss – Sharing – Deposition. 61st day onwards client can withdraw the amount of Loss – Sharing – Deposition.
  7. If the net profit amount exceeds the total amount of the main deposit, Loss sharing will not be applicable.
  8. Algorithmic Trading bears financial risk, client must understand all the legal and financial aspects of it and must consult any authorised financial entity for their related region. The company will not be responsible for any financial or other forms of losses.
  • Client can expect 3% to 5% ROI on their base investment, but it does not mean/guarantee any minimum or maximum return. Algorithmic Trading is subject to Market risk and the client by default agrees to all terms and conditions of the company.
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