About Elders

1) Follows it’s own unique indication.
2) Dynamic lot size.
3) Positional trade Robo Minimum lot size = 0.10 lot.
3) TP = 30 Points to 300 Points as per market and same work in SL.


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EA Report
Min Capital 1000$
Minimum Lot Size 0.1
Time Frame H1
Max DD 2.26
Duration 30 Days
Result Date (From - To) 1 March 2022 to 31 March 2022
Net Profit 42
Net Profit in Pips 51
Net RIO in % 4.3
Total Trades 9
Profitable Trades 8
Losing Trades 1
RRR 0.36
Absolute DD -
Relative DD 2.26
Profit Factor 2.84
Calmar Ratio 1.84
Z Score 1.74
Gross Profit 66.34
Gross Loss 23.35


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