Pivot Trader Reverse




About Pivot Trader Reverse

1) This Robo takes trade on the basis of Pivot indicator.
2) This Robo takes multiple trade at a time.
3) It takes Limit Orders on the basis of Pivot Day Time Frame but reverses it as where Regular Pivot Indication says buy it sells and where pivot says to sell it takes Buy Trade, so as its name its Reversal of Pivot Indication.
4) After Day has completed if some limit orders have not executed it closes them and puts new order based on new indication of Pivot day.
5) It has Individual Trade’s Take Profit of 200 Points and Stop Loss of 8000 Points.


EA Images

EA Report
Min Capital 1000
Minimum Lot Size 0.01
Time Frame H1
Max DD 9
Duration 30 DAYS
Result Date (From - To) 01-JUNE-2022 TO 30-JUNE-2022
Net Profit 84
Net Profit in Pips 681
Net RIO in % 9
Total Trades 41
Profitable Trades 38
Losing Trades 3
RRR 0.56
Absolute DD -
Relative DD 0.80
Profit Factor 7.12
Calmar Ratio 9.59
Z Score -2.59
Gross Profit 98
Gross Loss 14


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